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Little Friends Daycare/Childcare and Preschool serving Forest Grove are in Washington County, Oregon.



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We have been pleased with the care that our son has been provided by Stacy. From the beginning, he has been eager to go to "Stacy's House", and his eagerness has not subsided, We Appreciate the energy and dedication that you have given to our son, his safety and his well being. 


Stacy has been my daycare provider for almost 9 years now. Three of my children have been through her care. Two of the three continue part time there. I have been very fortunate to have her as a provider because my children have enjoyed going over there. Stacy is very caring, tries to learn new ways to help and teach children, and is very organized in her routines.  My Children enjoy going to Stacy's because they know that she cares for them. She is always searching for new toys, games for them to play with and learn from. Holidays are always made special by either a party and or a special treat. She gives a hug or smile just when they need it. Through the years, I know Stacy has consistently been taking classes to learn more ways of teaching and working with children. Her Preschool program has grown and the children really enjoy it. They enjoy ART days the most. Kids seem to know what to expect at Stacy's house. They know when the meals are, when playtime is, and know how and when to use their manners. Her Home is always very clean and looks like a fun and safe place for kids. There was a time when we thought we would have to look for other daycare providers or change schools because there was a change in school boundaries. My daughter, who is now nine, and only goes to Stacy's in the mornings to catch the bus was more concerned with not going to Stacy's house anymore than going to a different school. I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone needing quality Daycare.

Sincerely, Annette


Stacy has watched my daughter Jasmine since she was 3 weeks old. I have always felt comfortable with Stacy and know she has what it takes to put my mind at ease and not worrying at work. I wish I could have had Stacy watch my other two kids. Stacy is a terrific Provider and I would highly recommend her to others.



Stacy has watched my child for 2 1/2 years. Jocelyn has always been very selective on people she feels comfortable with and Stacy took the time to work with us to make the transition to daycare less traumatic to Jocelyn.  Jocelyn looks forward to going to Stacy's and playing with her friends. I am confident that Jocelyn receives the best care away from home and this is the reason I travel 10 miles out of my way to take her to Stacy's. If circumstances presented that Stacy would not be able to care for Jocelyn anymore, I would strongly consider quitting my job and Staying home full time. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful caring place to take my child, while I work.



Stacy is an excellent child care provider. She is dependable, experienced, and very affectionate with Max, Our family felt very comfortable with our child in her Care. She provides a creative environment for the children. Stacy provides a good routine play schedule and encourages the children to socialize together.    We have had both of our children in Stacy's care for a total of 7.5 years. She is extremely dependable, patient, and flexible with our working family. Stacy is very knowledgeable and I recommend her highly as a childcare provider.    Mark and Janet  

Stacy provided care for my children starting in 2000, with my first child, a little girl. We were fortunate in the fact that I didn't have to work. When I was able to secure a spot for my child with Stacy, I went back to work part time. There was a time where I back-tracked from Hillsboro, dropped off my child and then drove to Tualatin. The point that I am making is that if Stacy didn't watch my children, then I wouldn't have worked.    It was very important  to me to have a reputable place for my children that was still a loving home. Stacy loved my children as if they were her own. She kept me informed on any issues as well as schedule changes. I was never concerned about my children's care under Stacy's supervision.    It saddens me that my youngest is now entering Kindergarten and due to where we live he can no longer go there after school. I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone who is interested in a loving home away from home. Stacy is truly one of a kind.

Todd and Jessica 

I am a mother of three (10,6 and 4) who was in the workplace for 10 years. During that time I relied on the services of several Childcare providers. Some of them were personal friends who stayed at home, some were relatives, One was a home childcare provider, and at one time I employed the services of a childcare facility. I guess one could say that my children have experienced a wide variety of childcare options. In light of our experiences, I feel confident saying that Stacy provides a safe, professional and most of all loving childcare environment.

Stacy's rules are clear and consistently enforced. The children understand the rules and routines. Stacy does an excellent job establishing these rules and routines which creates a stable, predictable, environment that feels safe to the kids. Stacy runs a very friendly childcare while maintaining constant professionalism. She is very informative both about the children as well as policy changes or schedule changes

She is organized, reliable, and accountable for everything she does. Finally, Stacy's childcare has been a place where my children have felt loved and cared for. Stacy appreciates the uniqueness of each child and can communicate that very well. She compliments them and praises them daily. She lets them know they are special. I know my children have been in a top notch, caring environment, tended by a responsible experienced and loving teacher and caretaker. Parents can feel confident they are leaving their children in a great place with great people.

Jennifer and Dan


Stacy came highly recommended by Heidi (Micah’s) mom, who Stacy also cared for. My friend Heidi who works for Child Protective Services, State of Oregon, knew my fears and anxieties about finding a childcare provider. Heidi's opinion about Stacy convinced me she was the right choice for our family. I knew I could trust in Stacy if Heidi did. Jelani is an only child, who up until the age of 2 had only my mom and sister care for him. He had a hard time with transition, and with me working 3 days a week only, he was very attached to me and our family. Stacy worked so well with Jelani and us through this tough time, she took a lot of time reassuring Jelani and us. It was hard on me too. There were many times, I called in tears, and Stacy always made me feel comfortable and secure in my choices as a mother. Through the years I've trusted her opinions and she has listened to my concerns without judgment. She has given great advice and her number one concern has always been the children. Stacy has been beyond reliable, She has always given plenty of time when she look a day off ( which were very few) Even through her father's illness she was here for us. Stacy's house has always been clean and neat. My son makes comments on how good his mat for nap smells. Stacy amazes me how on the weekends she will completely rearrange the play areas, which keep the kids interested. I love the fact she has toys, books, play structures, bikes and all the fun things that makes our child’s day fun and happy. In the summer she has the sprinkler on for the kids to play in. Stacy talked to me about the classes and seminar she would take to keep herself "in the know." That showed me how much she cares about the job she takes seriously. I respect that about her.     Stacy has provided our family with security, comfort, and her loving promise of our child being loved and kept safe. She has respected us as a family and most importantly our son. She has held up the standards in rearing our son that we hold for ourself, guidance, security, love, empathy, care for others and when needed "timeouts" Stacy comes so highly recommended by us, I never went to work feeling worried or concern for the care he received from her. If he cried when I was leaving, I would call and he was fine. We are all sad for our time to be ending but we have been so blessed having her a part of our family. What a wonderful gift she has provided to Jelani and us. We love her so much.

Sincerely, Lanette & Patrick

(Last name and Child's name withheld from website, for security reasons.)